Editorial: Day Zero – The Faq.

This is the editorial for day zero at our Journal of Metaquantum Life Sciences, and I will use it to post a simple FAQ about ourselfs:

1- Is it peer-reviewed?

Of course it is. By John Peer himself.

2- How do I get to be published?

By sending your abstracts to me, preferably by some electronic means because telepathic reception is poor here at the office. To much intruding thoughs coming from everywere.

send to: quantumwisard@gmail.com

3- Is this for real?

Depends upon what you think real means. Is real, real? I mean, what in your mind can you say it’s real? Any answer you might give me is just some mental concept of yours. So does it make it less real than, say, reality? I say it doesn’t. As long as there is something that will keep your brain quanticaly (by means of meta-entaglement) in touch with reality, I must say they are one and the same.

4 – Who is funding this BS?

I will try to get Deepak or someone like him funding this project. Don’t know if I can. But I am wishfull thinking 99%. Thats a good start wouldn’t you say? Anyway, no interest conflicts so far.

6- Why another scientific journal?

Well, just about everyone is doing it, why can’t we? Chiropractics have it, Acupuncturists, have it, homeopaths, have it. Damn! Even chemists get to have their’s.